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Puffin watching

For more than a decade, Special Tours' Puffin Express Puffin Watching tours have been very popular!

We are the leading authority in the field thanks to our expertise, more than 20 years of experience, and our custom-built boat, "Old Skuli." The Puffin Express experience begins at the Old Harbor of Reykjavík and they just require 60 minutes. It is a cheap and beguiling choice for everybody.

Lundey and Akurey are two small islands in the Reykjavk bay area. They are just 15 minutes from the Old harbor in Reykjavk, from which we depart. Both islands are well-known for their colorful birdlife and are surrounded by small hills and slopes. The island's shores are rough however Old Skuli is particularly intended to accept us as near the islands as conceivable because of its shallow draft. At the point when we show up to the islands we switch off the motor so our travelers can notice the birds and the lovely environmental factors. Our authorized aide tells about the Puffins and different birds of interest that are in many cases seen on the Puffin watching visits.

Arctic Terns, Gulls, Northern Fulmars, and Black Guillemots are some of the other birds that were observed.

Our Puffin Watching Tours are very cozy and comfortable, and they only last one hour, which saves the precious time of Icelandic tourists.

What's included

Special Tours offer 100% viewing guarantee

  • Binoculars are provided on board
  • Specially designed boat to get as close to the islands as possible 21 years of experience
  • Experienced guide & friendly crew on every tour!

What's not included

Hotel transfers (available for an additional cost)

What do I need to bring

We recommend sunscreen, sensible shoes and a long-lens camera if you want to photograph the puffins.


This tour is a great and inexpensive way to see the puffins during your visit in Reykjavík, and it gives you a great view of the city!

Puffin watching

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